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Ice, rain, wind, and snow storms are common weather occurrences in Maryland. These inclement weather conditions often cause substantial damage to trees and landscapes. The aftermath of such storms leaves behind broken limbs and branches, scattered foliage, damaged tree bark, split tree trunks, bent or fallen trees, property damage, and more. Not only are these damages unsettling and unsightly, they can pose a threat of safety for people and surrounding structures. For this reason, it is vital to have landscaping trees evaluated and serviced after a severe storm.

Work With You & Your Insurance Companies Honestly

We gladly work with insurance companies. As always, we provide honest estimates with no surprises! During storm recovery, be careful! There are many scam artists that take advantage of people with trees on their homes.

Always go with a trusted name, good reviews, and years of experience. With our 15 years and hundreds of great reviews-our family at The Tree People are here to help your family or business during a stressful time.


Tell the tree people what you need & we’ll get back with you for a set appointment

Licensed and insured professional tree maintenance! All Credit cards accepted! Fill out the form below, with some information, we’ll get back to you to set up an appointment for a free estimate!

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“ They did a great job! Highly recommend out of all the quotes they were the best and did AMAZING work. So glad I called them , the team was professional and the service was cleaned up fast. Had a large oak tree that was taken down with some …”

Peter Roberts

“They did a really good job and for a fair price. Others quoted me as much as 4x more. They communicated with me throughout, including letting me know when they were going to be late. When they showed up, they were professional and efficient. Really happy that I hired the Tree People! My backyard looks amazing.”

Sonia Alcantara-Antoine

“The Tree People came out to address two trees – one that is mine and one that is my neighbor’s that severely encroached on my fence and property line. They were extremely professional and did excellent work. I received the insurance…”

Rosalyn W. Otieno

The Tree People

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8370 Jumpers Hole Road, Millersville, MD
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